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Black Seas Rulebook - Reglamento (español)

24,95 €
19,96 €
Ahorras -4,99 €
Incluye barco promocional (no confundir con la versión en inglés con el tripulante)

Santisima Trinidad (Inglés)

32,50 €
23,00 €
Ahorras -9,50 €
The Santisima Trinidad (officially named Nuestra Señora de la Santísima Trinidad) was a Spanish first-rate ship of the line. This number of guns increased over the years. At launch in 1769, she had 112 guns, though this ...

USS Constitution (Inglés)

29,00 €
26,10 €
Ahorras -2,90 €
USS Constitution was one of six Heavy Frigates commissioned by the United States Congress in 1794 to protect American shipping against Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean. These frigates were designed to outmatch the ...

L'Orient (Inglés)

29,00 €
26,10 €
Ahorras -2,90 €
Orient was of the Océan-class of ships. These were a series of 118-gun three-decker ships of the line of the French Navy, designed by engineer Jacques-Noël Sané. Launched on July 20, 1791, she was originally named the ...

HMS Victory (Inglés)

29,00 €
26,10 €
Ahorras -2,90 €
HMS Victory was a terrible and awe-inspiring sight to both enemies and allies. It has become one of the most famous ships in the world and is still in commission in the Royal Navy to this day; as of 2019 a total of 241 ...

Royal Navy 1st Rate (Inglés)

30,00 €
27,00 €
Ahorras -3,00 €
A Royal Navy 1st rate is a particularly dangerous foe in Black Seas, especially true when using the National Special Rules. In the game, 1st rates have the best access to customisation and upgrade options. Combine ...

Royal Navy 1st Rate (Inglés)

24,00 €
21,60 €
Ahorras -2,40 €
Frigates were perhaps the hardest-worked of warship types during the Age of Sail. A small warship with a perfect balance of speed, armament and resilience that made it one of the perfect vessels for single-ship action ...

US Navy (Inglés)

72,00 €
64,80 €
Ahorras -7,20 €
The Naval Act of 1794 established a permanent standing navy on 27 March 1794, in the US. Prior to this, a US Naval military presence had been left wanting for 10 years. By October 1797, the first three of six frigates ...

French Navy Fleet (Inglés)

90,00 €
81,00 €
Ahorras -9,00 €
The French Navy has a history of highs and lows, both in terms of successes in battle and in the number and quality of its ships. In the mid-1700s, after the defeats of the Seven Years’ War, the French Navy was at a ...

Merchant Vessels (Inglés)

30,00 €
27,00 €
Ahorras -3,00 €
Merchant vessels were not designed for combat. They were slow lumbering vessels designed to have a large capacity for transporting goods but at the sacrifice of manoeuvrability.

Schooners Squadron (Inglés)

30,00 €
27,00 €
Ahorras -3,00 €
Schooners are two-masted vessels with both masts having loose footed sails rigged on gaff and two or more headsails (staysails rigged in front of the fore mast). They were not designed for combat, being built mainly for ...

Spanish Navy 3rd Rates of Renown (Inglés)

46,85 €
42,17 €
Ahorras -4,68 €
This box set outfits you with three Spanish Navy Third-Rate-Ships-of-the-line. Building upon the superb third rate plastic sprues, the box contains additional metal components to make the following famous vessels, all ...


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