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Capitol Starter Box

46,90 €
23,45 €
Ahorras -23,45 €
Capitol are famous for their airborne tactics, as well as their many famous Battalions. Many a hero excel when living the Capitolian way! The Capitol Starter Box contains: 13x 32mm scale Resin models (10x ...


48,80 €
24,40 €
Ahorras -24,40 €
1x Multipart 165mm Long (32mm scale) Resin model (Heavy Infantry miniature shown for scale only) 7x Cards Type: Heavy Vehicle Model count: 1

Iron lady

11,30 €
5,65 €
Ahorras -5,65 €
Florence Grantham is a remarkable lady. 1x Multipart 32mm Resin model 1x Card 1x 30mm base Type: Capitol Heavy Infantry Squad Commander upgarade

Big Bob Watts

12,50 €
6,25 €
Ahorras -6,25 €
Bob Watts is a cigar-smoking man-mountain armed with two underarm multibarrelled cannons which he handles with ease. The former free marine leads from the front blasting the enemies of the Capitol Megacorporation away ...

Martian Banshees

17,50 €
8,75 €
Ahorras -8,75 €
The term 'Death from Above' perfectly describes the Martian Banshees. Many a foe has heard the bowel-loosening sream caused by the Banshee armour before their own voice joins the cacophony. 5x Multipart 32mm scale ...

The Blue Shark

18,80 €
9,40 €
Ahorras -9,40 €
Sanders rides his heavily converted Purple Shark, known as the Blue Shark. Occasionally, when the situation requires it or if the Blue Shark is damaged you will see the Lt. Col. jump into battle in his Martian Banshee ...


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